Princess Magnifique Royalty, Vogue MC

PrincessShe is not the one. She’s the Other Other One. She’s VERY THAT! She is a ballroom and clubland LEGEND! Of course i’m talking about Princess Magnifique Royalty AKA Princess Xtrvaganza! Adam Joseph and I had the privilege of creating her underground smash, “Battlecat ’77″ the lyrics of which were based on my interview with her about growing up a qween in the late seventies Bronx. Princess told me some amazing stories. She told about how she would get on the subway in the Bronx, lookin cute n qweeny, to go down to The Christopher Street Pier, with an axe in her purse for protection. But once you got to the pier, which at the time was dilapidated but a vibrant meeting and cruising place for gay youth, you still had to be on your guard! With boom boxes plugged into old street lights, the qweens would vogue battle each other through the night all vying to be the champion battlecat! Sometimes the moment you arrived the battle would start. Says Princess: “Even if you were waiting at the light hunney, to cross the street to the pier, you could be fixing your shirt collar and they think you’d be giving a performance hunny! And as soon as you halfway crossed the STREET they’d be halfway into a dip” – courtesy of