Princess Lockeroo, Waacking Judge

LockerooInternational dance icon Princess Lockerooo popularized & restored the former glory of the expressive 1970’s disco dance style, “Waacking,” debuting her unique propeller style on “So you think you can dance?” She has spread Waacking across Asia & Europe, teaching workshops & judging international competitions. (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet-Nam, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Siberia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, London, Kazakhstan, Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Poland)

A native New Yorker with a background in Musical Theater & Opera, Princess Lockerooo uses her multitude of talents to create thrilling & captivating performance experiences. Her dramatic costumes, vibrant stage presence and innovative propeller Waacking style, puts an extraordinary twist on the dance, celebrating feminine power, enlightenment, purity & sensuality without objectification! Princess Lockerooo’s majestic channel of entertainment proves that urban expressions deserve to be held with the same level of respect & appreciation as classical art forms.

Alongside inspiring the world through dance empowerment, she is creating a global vegan / organic movement by educating her students about the health benefits of “going green.” & the deliciousness of a vegan diet.

Some of her credits include: Madonna, Jody Watley Icona Pop, So You Think You Can Dance, China Super Dancer, Wendy Williams, Lincoln Center.